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Goodbye, so far.. [17 Mar 2005|11:57am]
[ mood | blah ]

Hello everyone,

I have just made a new LJ and this one will be posted on but not as often anymore. SO here is my new one: http://www.livejournal.com/users/velvetgorgeous So be sure to add that one to your friends list, for I won't be posting here for atleast a long time.


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just..erghh [16 Mar 2005|12:36am]
[ mood | undescribably overwhelmed ]

Hello skrinks and skrods,

I am extremely stressed out lately. I mean I try to act like its okay, but honestly with school and things going on, its really kind of hard to just keep everything focused. I don't know, I guess I should just get school dealt with then try to ignore other things. I keep going off on all these tangents and realize that I need to stop dwelling, but then once I try to forget the bad I end up thinking of them 10 times worse. I just feel a lot of pressure right now, family expectations that I keep up with but then something new always happens. Luckily Cody, my brother is coming for a visit next week. I miss having a brother, I thought it would be cool but then I realized it kind of sucks. Dylan, my older brother is married and is busy with work and I just need a sibling around again.

I also just realized that I think way too much, if that is possible. Its like my brain never shuts off and I need to be here, like in the now. Not in the past or in the future, which is a big problem for me. And I think of the most terrible situations first. I don't know I just had to get my "lament" out I should really get to bed. I will post tomorrow


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A poem [14 Mar 2005|09:23pm]

That day I awoke with a feeling
in my bones.
It traveled down my spine.
I shiver,
My cold skin adjusting to the covers
pulled over my head
I try to fall back to sleep
but my body won't budge
I run the cold shower
over my skin
I feel the bumps upon it
from the raw feeling of
being frozen
In minutes the water turns scorching
body red
I run out of the misty, foggy bathroom
to the sunshine in the grass
I do not know what would happen
from here on
until the words fall from your lips
to a location you point
then you are gone
in a blink of my eyes
I wake up
seeing the last I saw of you
in your dark long coat.

Copyright 2005 April E. Henry
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Wow, long time [14 Mar 2005|06:11pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Hey everyone,
It has been forever that I know. So whatsup all of you? I just got broadband internet so I'm happy now, anyway. I have been doing not a whole lot but school and doing typical April things. But there is almost too much to say that I cannot right now I gotta work on homework but I just wanted to make a "got the internet back" post and say hey so I will post later.


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[04 Dec 2004|12:45pm]
[ mood | skrinkleadoo ]

join club_alig
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[04 Dec 2004|02:17am]
I'm ready to leave my heart
and try to find
a soul for keeping
my self destructive
patterns awry
scars scattered about
hearts scattered of lies
nude, cold on the
bathroom floor
pure white
like an oleander
only with a bunch of
the tiles are
the oleander
torn apart veins
are the roses
The bleeding creates
a running frenzy
between the cracks
in the floor
it drips like a song
from your bitter guitar
rides like the wave
of your stellar melody
holds in the sobs
like a song that
you don't want to end.
Cherish is the feeling
I had for you last night,
last week, forever.

Copyright April E. Henry 2004
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[04 Dec 2004|12:33am]
Oh I forgot

House: (818)442-9201
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Hehe, long time no post [04 Dec 2004|12:04am]
[ mood | Filthy gorgeous ]

Hello everyone,

How is everybody since I've been gone so long? Well story is we were moving and my computer monitor was totally fucking skroddled so I just need one of those and it will be fabulous again. Well, I also found out since I am a good friend of Michael Alig's and since whomever he likes who writes to him will be invited to a party of his once out of prison...wait sounds bad so just "once hes out" But a month ago since writing to him he said I was a "Really good friend to him, he hopes I don't ever change my mind of him." So apparently its true. But I missed meeting James St James, Keoki and Clara the carefree chicken at Club Party Monster cause, story of my life, I am not 18! Hopefully Michael has an exempt party for me if he gets out next year. Anyway, I was just looking at my friends page realizing something about a good friend that I never noticed before you may know who you are, if so tell me if you have any ideas okay? But anyway, I have lots of different stuff now so be ready for lotsa reading if your not totally bored already. But I saw Scissor Sisters on Sept.29th and I am seeing them again on Jan.31st after their Jan.11th dvd! Yeah! Getting all hot thinking about Jake Shears getting dry-humped by Ana Matronic......whoa waking up now. Anyway, I also found out that I have a weird way of saing "yeah" I say it the "german way" like "yoh" a little bit of my German inheritance. That was really random. But I am getting a crush on a new club kid now, its Keoki now, poor Michael carving Keokis name in the prison wall, I am sending Michael a gift for Christmas, a mini-stocking with his name on it with soft candies so people don't get all moist in their shorts about him trying to "kill himself" with the candy-cane. But he said to me he would never self-destruct so long a he has people like me writing to him. Hmmm, "People like me" wonder what htat means in Mikeys head...hmmmm" *Ponders* But yeah a few hints on the person on my friends list that I realized my feelings are stronger for than I thought are, well their very happy right now thats why I realized it kinda hurt, but they love Hedwig and enjoy Rainbow Carnage and Dudley and Joshua with me and they also have a fabulous liking of Mike Alig too, that is very obvious but you should call me if you know I am talking to you. But I am really thinking of James too a lot, I should post my new #'s right? Well James and person if you know then call either: (818)442-9201 thats my home and its April..but you know that and my cell is (818)257-1051 so call anytime text me but like after 4 I will most likely be at home so please call. And anyone else who feels like it, k? I can't say I can give advice as much cause I have began my weird self destructuion again, not drugs cause too many of my friends are really pissing me off with K and even Heroin so I gotta get them to be skriklier than that, so I cant really give people tips onb "saying no to drugs" cause, obviously I am not doing to well myself, Anyway, my friend Ryan just got kicked out of his house cause his "football coach" dad can't take that "his son is" gay and luckily but on the other hand not luckily he has a boyfriend Damien to stay with. Anyway, I am so really cold I can barely type anymore I am shaking but I will think for a sec..........go get a sweater or wait...I have got nothing else to type so I will let you go but I will go back and add my #'s again just in case you've not read this far ok? Well gotta get going I will get a comp. monitor very soon so I can type everyday again and keep in touch instead of secluding mself like the Lisbon girls but voluntarilly. I am also writing a book and a few screenplays and am almost ready ot put my album out, I gotta get a record deal first. But gonna get going, Love you everyone and hope you are still fabulous and still love me.


April "Drag queen in a womans body like Ana Matronic" Culkin (heheh, yeahhhhh!)

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[22 Aug 2004|03:31pm]
[ mood | skrinkled ]

Guys you must hate me!

Lexy something really terrible happened where I was staying I'll explain it to you soon. But anyway, I am getting a cell phone on Thursday and will post the phone number next time I get on a computer. But Arpyl and JuliaGulia(hahahah like on wedding singer!) sorry not funny! but I am going to Hedwig this month because there is no 10 am auditions next day. Anyway, I miss you all teribbly. Lexy, I still have yet to see the yearbook(how many pics of me are in there, just wondering) anyway, truthfully I have not much new news to tell. I already told it. Except that I am no longer going to marry Michael Pitt but am going to marry Macaulay Culkin. Oh my god did you see saved? And PArty Monster the famous "wanna buy a clock scene" hes wearing those tighty whiteys! Almost as gorgeous as Bowie with his tight white trousers in Labyrinth. Okay I'm done now. Well, anywho. I also must say this just one more time but, I am seeing Scissor Sisters again!!!!HEHEHEH!!!I just got my dress and cool earings and bracelet for the show! Anyway, omg I am getting way into scissor sisters but they are just so gorgeous!!!!!! Well gotta dash dollies!


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[08 Aug 2004|04:11pm]
[ mood | ehh ]

Well hello everyone,

I so miss you Julia and Arpyl! I so was gonna go to Hedwig but was so sure I'd nail this audition. But I am going next month. But dude guys I just found out I am going to see Scissor Sisters, again! My mom gets a little newsletter e-mail about them and they were so pleased with the outcome of their shows in the US that they are doing it again! Its Sept.29th, my moms b-day. She was totally fabulous about it. Anyway, I forgot to say that a few weeks ago I went to see the directors cut of Donnie Darko at the arclight theaters across the street from Amoeba and it was better than the DVD of Donnie that I have! I hope to death it comes out on DVD! Anyway, tuesday my mom won a $200 shopping spree at Amoeba and we met the Sahara Hotnights, a totally awesome band and they are totally sweet. And we got put on the guest list for their show that night and yeah, it was awesome and we saw the Hives too. They're cool. Anyway, I dont have much to say else, but my brother is moving to Kansas Saturday (::Prays not next door to some bitch singing this song on a loop for three days::) But my mom let me get stuff at amoeba too and I got the new collector DVD of Trainspotting, and the RIse and fall of ziggy stardust 30th anniversary disc, amazing and my totally favorite thing I got was a DJ Keoki cd!!! Oh my god it is fabulous. Its called "kill the DJ" great disc. Anyway, my kitty Telix was dying a month ago from Liver disease and I thought that was the end of the world, honestly but we made him well, do you guys believe in loving your animal too much to wellness? I think thats why he became better because we loved him to better, or something. Well gotta go guys. Love you all to death, and thats awesome Mea, I bet the song was "Take your Mama" right? Well, Next week Arpy and Julia I could try to go to Ivys or something if you could go there or something, I donno. I will call you guys soon. And alas my DVD player wasnt the only thing that sprung me into new dimension shit, but her boss is totally on her ass about not having a cellphone to reach her at during emergencies (i.e when you need to come work on a few 300 page depo's for me now) so I guess I have to have a cellphone too :( I guess I am still a little overwhelmed by all this new shit that comes out. Well I really should go now! Love lots


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