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13 April
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"Black haired tranny counts sheep with her bed turned down... But the beds in Jersey and the sheeps on a farm dark room danny hears police alarm dark room Danny can't see with the lights turned out.'Cause you can't see tits on the radio, I'll give you 5 fingers for a one man show fasten those pants for the lapdance..." "We are..Scissor Sisters........and so are you!"
Strengths: I'm not a bitch, most of the times unless you are really stupid. And I enjoy mainly independent film and films you have to think about.
Weaknesses: Not very good at rejection even though I do it, but its just hard for me. And there are plenty more that I cannot think of right now, including strengths.
Special Skills: I am told and it will be my profession that I am a good singer and that I am "a very good actress too" and is doing quite successfully trying to get through Trainspotting the book.
Weapons: If you chase me I can just throw my book at you (a'la Hilary Faye)
: I am April, a Scissor Sister....

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